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Our Natural Pod team is delighted to announce that we are attending this year’s University of British Columbia 2014 Early Years Conference this week at UBC. The focus of this year’s event is shaping childhood, factors that matter. Our team will be attending and displaying some of our ideas and products that promote open ended natural play.

This conference will explore the complex nature of the social, physical and biological environments that shape children’s development. Multiple elements interact to create dynamic contexts that contribute significantly to early and lifelong wellbeing. Similarly, children influence their environments to shape their developmental paths. All of these factors matter.

Learning Objectives:

  • To broaden our understanding of how children experience similar environments in unique ways
  • To promote the value of an inclusive approach in supporting the child, family and community
  • To review and discuss the influence of diverse social and cultural factors in the context of child development
  • To increase recognition of the impact of epigenetics research on early childhood development
  • To give greater consideration to how children with special needs experience, and interact with, different environments

Consider attending if you’re not already registered.