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The first episode of Natural Pod™ LIVE is available to watch! For those who watched live we loved hearing from you that it was a great success. We are excited that this format of having deeper conversations with educational leaders and hearing their personal stories behind the challenges and opportunities of creating exceptional learning environments, will offer real value to our community.

Bridgitte Alomes, Natural Pod’s CEO was pleased to host the first episode of Natural Pod™ LIVE with guest Jay Greenlinger, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum & Instruction at Oak Park Unified School District. This episode is a must watch for educators, parents or administrators who have an interest in indoor/outdoor learning and how to create those spaces.

Jay is such an inspiring person to listen to and learn, with extensive experience around creating indoor/outdoor learning spaces. During the conversation with Bridgitte he really outlined what was possible, sharing great personal stories and illustrating the differences between ‘learning outside’ and ‘outdoor learning’ and how it offers enriched possibilities for project-based learning and discovery. Along with discussing the successes and challenges of creating outdoor learning spaces and experiences, Jay also offered ‘how-to’ implementation steps for educators and school districts, regardless of their geographic location or financial capabilities, on ways to get started in creating their own outdoor spaces and enriched learning opportunities. We especially loved hearing the story about how outdoor learning has led to greater environmental advocacy for his students.


About Natural Pod™ LIVE

Natural Pod™ LIVE has been created for, and by, our incredible community of educators, students, architects and anyone with a stake in creating better learning spaces and experiences. It’s an online streaming talk show where we interview education leaders who are sharing their personal stories behind the challenges and opportunities of creating exceptional learning environments. Join us as we explore the new approaches for what’s possible in the future of education with the people who are making it happen. This is your opportunity to learn directly from them about the challenges and successes and how they are approaching this work.

Thank you again to our guest Jay Greenlinger for sharing such valuable insights and experiences with us and our community. If you missed this episode you can watch the whole show again here.



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