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Natural Pod™ LIVE has been created for, and by, our incredible community of educators, students, architects and anyone with a stake in creating better learning spaces and experiences. It’s an online streaming talk show where we interview education leaders who are sharing their personal stories behind the challenges and opportunities of creating exceptional learning environments. Join us as we explore the new approaches for what’s possible in the future of education with the people who are making it happen. This is your opportunity to learn directly from them about the challenges and successes and how they are approaching this work.

About This Episode

In this edition of Natural Pod LIVE, our CEO Bridgitte Alomes chats with Jerzell Pierre-Louis, Owner/Founder at Sprout and Bloom Early Education Centers about her journey as an educator. Starting from scratch,  Jerzell followed her passion and opened up an early childhood center in 2013, hoping to make an impact on the lives of children within her community. Today, Jerzell is the Owner of both Sprout and Bloom Early Education Centers, two thriving spaces. Despite adversity, Jerzell channeled her passion toward an impactful mission – to inspire the joy of learning. Bridgitte and Jerzell will reflect on their journeys and share their experiences around lessons learned, and words of wisdom to pursue meaningful work. This session will not only inspire others in following their passions, whether in education or not, but also to know it’s possible to bring a dream to life.

How to Watch

When: Watch this episode live on Thursday, December 2nd at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern
Where: Watch live here on below, on YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook

You’ll also be able to watch the recording afterwards on YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook if you can’t make it for the live event.

About Jerzell Pierre-Louis, Owner/Founder at Sprout and Bloom Early Education Centers

Jerzell Pierre-Louis worked as a middle school teacher, educational consultant, advocate for increased access to early childhood development resources, and served as Director of Education and Youth Services for The Columbus Urban League. As a mother of three, Pierre-Louis relates to the needs she hears from other parents and delivers parent-focused education because she understands that every parent wants what’s best for their child, but could use all the support possible to put that to action. Jerzell is the owner and founder of two early education centers, Sprout and Bloom, and is passionate about positively impacting the lives of children within her community.

About Bridgitte Alomes, CEO of Natural Pod

Bridgitte Alomes is a thought leader dedicated to better environments for play, learning and collaboration using sustainable furniture. In her work with Natural Pod, she has helped create over 15,000 learning environments throughout the world. She’s engaged over 40,000 educators through her workshops and presentations and has been dedicated to creating play-based pedagogy and sharing the importance of the learning environment design. Bridgitte also serves as President on the board of the Green Schools National Network, creating broad-based initiatives and successful strategies aimed at fostering healthy, sustainable K-12 schools across the United States.

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