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The Peregrine House School is one of two schools in B.C. to become members of the Montessori Quality Assurance program in Canada, and is celebrating the grand opening of its Children’s Pavilion – and launch of its educational curriculum. “At Peregrine House School I have completed my mission to offer a healthy learning environment where children will flourish to their highest potentials in a natural setting.” states Founder Nadin Elkhalil. With this mission in mind Peregrine House collaborated with Natural Pod as a key partner to support enhanced learning. As a leading Canadian designer and manufacturer of better learning environment furniture, Natural Pod supplied their beautiful FSC® C012337® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products, made right here in British Columbia, to support Nadin’s vision for Peregrine House School Children’s Pavilion.

Natural Pod believes that the physical environment influences how one thinks and feels and they understand that everyone learns and works differently. Environments play an important role in how children’s learning is shaped. If you are sitting in rows of desks all day, and are doing all your work in one spot, what does that really do for learning when you need to be up, moving around, collaborating and sharing your ideas with others? Nadin wanted to create an innovative environment that enabled collaborative learning and together with Natural Pod brought her vision into reality.

“We’re delighted to have contributed our local, sustainably made furniture to Peregrine House School Children’s Pavilion. Supporting children with creative and imaginative open-ended learning is our most important work and we know that it will help facilitate great learning outcomes for both students and teachers in this new environment. As a local business working around the world, we’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this sustainability focused project right here in BC.” – Bridgitte Alomes, CEO of Natural Pod.

Natural Pod and Peregrine House School Children’s Pavilion have created a collaborative learning experience that offers tremendous versatility not found in more conventional educational experiences. Natural Pod will always chose and support open, flexible and collaborative spaces over structured ones and commit to authenticity, quality, longevity and sustainability for everything they do.

About Natural Pod

At Natural Pod we make long-lasting, sustainable furniture designed to foster collaboration, creativity and innovation in learning environments. We serve educators and children ages K-12, as well as create common and collaboration spaces. Since our inception, we have worked with thousands of different learning organizations. We have helped create learning and play environments educators and students desire to support 21st century learning. We do all this while using only sustainably certified materials and processes while helping the organizations we work with to create healthy, vibrant and long-lasting natural play experiences for children. All our Natural Pod furniture is made is certified under Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® C012337® Chain of Custody Group and made in North America.

Natural Pod - Peregrine House School

Left to Right: Founder of Peregrine House Preschool, Nadin Elkhalil; Minister of Children & Family Development, Honourable Stephanie Cadieux, Co-Founder and CEO of Natural Pod, Bridgitte Alomes