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Natural Pod™ Play lofts were designed very much with the needs of early learners in mind. The intention was to create spaces that were all their own, where their imaginations could transform the space into any environment they wished, whether a fort, a castle, an enchanted forest, or perhaps a magical cave. Named after the educators whose own imaginations inspired them, each Natural Pod™ Play Loft is unique, beautiful, sustainable and extremely durable. Beloved by all children, our lofts provide endless invitations for open-ended play where children can express themselves freely as there is no specific outcome to get to, no guidelines and no wrong way to play! Therefore children can make their own decisions about how they would like to interact with their environment. This allows them to be more creative and imaginative, helping to foster curiosity and expand their problem-solving and social skills.

For a limited time, we’re offering a price that’s almost as special as the loft itself. Connect with a Solutions Partner ~ using the form below  ~ to explore our wide variety of Play Lofts, and discover which is right for you and your space. 


  • Special Pricing + Short delivery times:
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What do you imagine your learners would create for themselves if they had a Play Loft of their own? You can see from the photos below how other children are interacting with theirs.