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Project Profile: Caulfeild Elementary

As a Principal, Craig Cantlie knew that the classroom environment plays a huge factor into how a child’s learning is shaped. He saw that sitting in row of desks all day and working out of only one spot was preventing students from collaborating, sharing ideas, and experiencing their best learning outcomes. Craig and his team at Caulfeild Elementary knew they needed a change, and they wanted to provide innovation.

Sometimes we need to look outside of the school system for inspiration. When you look at start-up companies, they are creating the space for inspiration. That is what we wanted to bring back to teachers and students. Environments that provide for self-regulation and the freedom to implement the enquiry-based skills asked of them. – Craig Cantile

By switching to a Natural Pod learning environment, Craig and his team truly see the value of our collaborative, flexible furniture. Check out the photos for before and after comparisons, and to further explore their beautiful space.


Caulfeild Elementary – Grade 4 and 5


Caulfeild Elementary – Grade 6 and 7