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Project Profile: Clareview YMCA Child Care

In our work at Natural Pod, each day we get to connect and support educators in bringing their individual vision for their learning environment to life. Collaborating, creating and working together brings us such joy. It is in these conversations that we truly can create something very special. When Leah Roth from the YMCA reached out to us, we knew that together we could create something to meet their unique needs.

Along with the Playing to Learn curriculum in place at this organization, Leah brought her amazing experience and vision for us to build on. Through this collaboration, and Leah’s consistent insight and feedback, we worked together to create a unique range of items that are beautiful, functional and meet their individual needs. Enjoy the photos of this calm and inspiring learning and care environment.

“Working with Natural Pod​ was a really exciting addition to this space. It allowed us to think a little bit differently. We used less furnishing than in the past, but with a lot more versatility. Each piece has the ability to function in a number of different ways and we’ve really appreciated the opportunity that has given us to set up rooms a little bit differently.”

~ Leah Roth, Clareview YMCA Child Care