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Project Profile: Lord Nelson Elementary School

Lord Nelson Elementary school, with its rooftop childcare center aptly named The Village, was designed and constructed in 2019 by McFarland Marceau Architects. The firm has just been announced as a a 2021 James D. MacConnell Award Finalist! Congratulations to McFarland Marceau Architects for this most deserved deserved acknowledgment for the great work you do. While it’s the larger main build that’s received this recognition, our team also couldn’t be more delighted, as once this project with it’s strong focus on flexibility and adaptability was complete, our flexible, adaptable, and sustainably made learning furniture was chosen to retrofit a section of the school and the entire rooftop childcare center.

You can see photos of our furniture within the interior of Lord Nelson Elementary school, followed by photos of The Village rooftop childcare center, run by Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, where we had the pleasure of fitted out all of their learning environments. You can find out much more here about that project and how our natural furniture supported The Village’s teaching, learning and playing objectives.

Congratulations again to McFarland Marceau Architects for becoming a James D. MacConnell 2021 Award Finalist.