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Project Profile: Middle School Learning Environments

As children enter Middle School, often the needs of individuals and the class as a whole shift. Educators and their students need to find the ways in which they learn best. Natural Pod products are designed to encourage children to trust and discover their ideas, abilities and creativity by creating an environment that supports different styles of learning.

There is increasing evidence that giving children the opportunity to move increases their focus and engagement. Our standing desks are a great addition to the Middle School years for this reason, as not only do they allow movement, but also provide the opportunity for collaborative learning. For quieter individual time, utilize modular movable shelving. Available in a straight-edged or curved version on very strong non-marking castors, this offers great flexibility within your classroom or common space.

Natural Pod helps create learning environments where educators and students can thrive. Our sustainable furniture is completely modular and flexible so your space can be adapted to fit the needs of the class, from intimate spaces for reading and play, to collaborative hands-on learning, to creative group projects.

Our sustainable products also tell a story and are a great aid to environmental education. Educators and children can learn where the products come from, what they are made of, and how the choices they make can impact their learning environment and the natural world. Here are some beautiful photos of our furniture elements that support Middle School classroom level learning environments to inspire your work.

“If we give students the opportunity to make their own choices they will learn independence, self-reliance, and perseverance.” – Megan Baker, Kenora Catholic School