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Project Profile: The Elevate Learning Project

by | Aug 10, 2021

You can just feel from the wonderful name of this learning organization that it’s very intentional about its offering and core values. The Elevate Learning Project located in Daniel Island, South Carolina, is a community centered collaboration of educators, community activists, entrepreneurs, and parents. We love their mission statement which perfectly encompasses their commitment:

The mission of Elevate Learning Project to contribute positively to our community through educational programs including a primary focus on kindness, peace, and acceptance in addition to a rigorous academic curriculum.

This focus along with their core values of creating individualized learning experiences for each student, providing opportunities to explore concepts in a variety of ways, and teaching a sense of respect for oneself, each other, their community and the environment, makes for an exceptional learning experience.

The Elevate Learning Project also supports outside learning. They believe that outdoor education and interaction with the natural world provides opportunities to develop positive relationships with the environment, others and themselves. The stakeholders understand and support that outdoor education engages students through practical and active learning experiences in natural environments typically beyond the school classroom. As Natural Pod supports these values and is equally as committed to environmental stewardship and indoor/outdoor learning, we were the Projects’ choice when it came to outfitting their classrooms. Our sustainable wood furniture allows that connection to nature even while inside, and promotes environmental education. Children can inquire and learn about where the products came from, who made them, and what else they can be.

Thank you to The Elevate Learning Project for sharing these lovely photos with us. You can see that Natural Pod learning environments also offer a beautiful blank canvas that compliments any existing learning furniture; ready for the color that young learners bring.