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Evergreen: Shelving

The Evergreen Shelving range comprises all the learning furniture pieces that will build out your learning space to be flexible and adaptable for the long term. This shelving range is modular and designed to function as both storage and seating. The wide range of sizes can be configured to suit your learning space, providing room delineation, as well as additional display and play spaces for your students. The curved versions are built to fit corner spaces or aesthetically change a layout direction. Every piece compliments other Natural Pod furniture elements, expanding their use and providing endless combinations of storage and seating, room division, cozy reading or collaborative spaces.


You can enjoy knowing this item is made with trees harvested using Forest Stewardship Council® certified source materials. Natural Pod is certified under Sustainable Northwest’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group (C012237). FSC® is the leading not-for-profit forest management certification organization. They help set the world’s most respected environmental and social standards for responsible forest resource use. Their guidelines help ensure our forests are respected and well managed for future generations.

In addition to being made from FSC certified wood, our products are naturally healthy in others ways: they are formaldehyde-free and contain no nasty toxic glues, finishings or VOC’s.

Use + sizes available:

These shelving units are available in different heights, curved or straight designs, and with or without heavy duty casters. All edges are finger friendly, and the comfortable cushions are made of 100% organic cotton (they are easily washable).

The range is suitable for any age group and learning environment, thereby supporting educators and students as they transition through different subjects or age ranges. This large variety of options allows you to create an adaptable learning space that’s right for you and your students.

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The products you see here are just a sample of our full range. Please contact us using the form below and let’s start a conversation to explore the options that fulfill your vision, learning objectives, budget and timeframe.

As a socially responsible company, you can trust that the story of each and every beautifully designed piece is one you can be proud of and will want to share with your students: deepening their environmental awareness, responsibility and stewardship.

We’re here to support you in creating better learning environments.