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Shelving – Pacific Series

Pacific Series Shelving Units are ideal for any display purposes, library shelving or book storage within any learning environment or common space for every age. Each unit perfectly compliments other Natural Pod furniture elements, expanding their use and providing endless combinations of storage and seating, room division, cozy reading or collaborative spaces.

The series is comprised of two shelving designs, one straight and one curved. Either unit can be used alone but ideally are used in groups to create multiple configurations of space use and delineation. The flowing curves are a continuous feature of many Natural Pod designs as they are reflective of nature itself and thus visually beautiful. Both shelving designs are double-sided with a translucent center piece allowing light to come through and be dispersed creating a wonderful glow. This aspect was very important to the designers as they didn’t want the units to overpower your space visually.


  • Form and function in one
  • Unmatchable natural material in both sustainability and quality
  • Aesthetically beautiful with its simple, elegant and clean design
  • Translucent centerpiece allows light through
  • Inspires curiosity and collaboration
  • Delineates spaces
  • Provides mixed storage and seating possibilities
  • Creates cozy reading and playful spaces
  • Double-sided display and/or storage. Accessible from both sides
  • Heavy-duty, lockable casters provide flexibility and ease in positioning


You can enjoy knowing this item is made with trees harvested using Forest Stewardship Council® certified source materials. Natural Pod is certified under Sustainable Northwest’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group (C012237). FSC® is the leading not-for-profit forest management certification organization. They help set the world’s most respected environmental and social standards for responsible forest resource use. Their guidelines help ensure our forests are respected and well managed for future generations.

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