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As 2020 comes to a close the Natural Pod team have been reflecting on all this year has unexpectedly brought, including the successes and triumphs of educators and students over the last 12 months. To inspire you to stay in a place of creativity going forward into 2021, we have collated the best project photos and educator profiles from this past year. We hope they bring hope and a sense of what is possible.

Project Profile: Mi Casita

Mi Casita is a bilingual arts-based preschool and cultural arts center for bilingual families and for those who want to acquire a second language. The center brings together the many cultures that co-exist in Brooklyn, New York, through community engagement… – Read More And See The Photos


Project Profile: AKIDEMY Preschool

AKIDEMY Preschool is a wonderful early learning environment in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We first had the pleasure of connecting with the founders, Dina and Tristan seven years ago when they opened their… Read More And See The Photos


Project Profile: American School of Bahrain

The American School of Bahrain is a vibrant and inclusive learning community, proud of their diversity and mindful of the many cultures… – Read More And See The Photos


Project Profile: Oak Park Medea Creek Middle School

Time and again we’ve experienced that the best learning environments and therefore the best learning outcomes are created when all stakeholders work together from the outset. Our most recent project, a partnership between Natural Pod, the leadership team… – Read More And See The Photos


Project Profile: Tahayghen Elementary

If you’ve heard of Haida Gwaii, an archipelago located off the northern Pacific coast of Canada, you’ll have heard it’s a rather unique and special place, rich in Indigenous culture and ecological diversity. The Haida First Nation are currently in… – Read More And See The Photos


Project Profile: WonderWell Preschool

WonderWell is a first-class private preschool in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to inspire children’s’ innate curiosity and instill a deep love of learning. Ashley Reinhardt, the founder, deeply believes that children learn best when their learning is personally meaningful… – Read More And See The Photos