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It seems decision time has come a little early this year, with many of you being called upon to make choices now that will shape the new school year in September. Though these decisions will impact students long past a school year, they have the power to positively impact students for many many years to come.

So please choose wisely.

We all want to ensure our students gain great educational experiences and great learning outcomes. Through rich learning opportunities we can provide learners with a healthy sense of self worth, kindness, empathy and the skills they need to thrive over their lifetime. One of the major factors to ensure students are set up for success is by providing an environment that fosters all these components. The part Natural Pod can help you with is by working with you to create exceptional equitable learning environments where children feel valued, welcomed, inspired and supported in their creativity and learning.

By planning ahead and making intentional buying choices now, you can make both smart financial investments and create a positive long term impact on the future of our learners. Our design and education teams are here to help you work through your ideas, understand your objectives, work within your budget, advise on best learning environment practices, and create personalized concept drawings that allow you to envision what’s possible for your educators and students.

Our beautiful, sustainable furniture is designed to provide flexible, collaborative learning environments that easily adapt to smaller group or individual learning, while also meeting physical distancing requirements if we need to transition back again.

All our environmentally conscious furniture is manufactured in Canada, and is easily delivered across North America, as well as being shipped worldwide. We’re ready to make your products to order and get them shipped out promptly, or alternatively we have ample capacity to store your furniture to be delivered exactly when you need it.

From myself and the Natural Pod team, we are here to support you in making a difference that lasts.
Let’s get creative. Together.

– Bridgitte Alomes – Founder and CEO of Natural Pod