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Recently we brought the story of Aurelia, the Mama behind Aurelia’s Creations. It went so well (thanks for all the comments) that we want to share with you the story of another of our Natural Pod artisans: Chris Bertin.

Chris is the creative force behind our Child’s Cajon! He is a busy artist to be sure, and somehow, between all his woodworking magic, he still manages to be an active Father and a passionate musician.

child's cajon

Originally from Peru where the African slaves played their music on shipping crates and wooden drawers, the Cajon was brought to Spain in the 70’s and integrated into flamenco music. In addition to being a part of Cuban culture, the Cajon has achieved worldwide popularity for its power and versatility as a percussion instrument. Crisp snares, rich tones and thundering bass all combine to make a cajon a drum like no other! Small but mighty this Child’s Cajon offers all the power and presence of the full sized Cajon in a smaller package.

See the Child's Cajon in action!

Describing his creative process Chris says, “Each instrument is a special and unique journey for me, a labour of love. I move slowly and intentionally, I apply the entirety of my being to each instrument and give each exactly what I intuit it needs to develop the purity of spirit and tone that I feel is needed for a sacred instrument. I feel it is important for us to recognize the value of a drum made in this way as opposed to a drum that is manufactured in mass quantity.”

Chris Bertin was born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Canada and began his journey as a percussionist and drum maker in 1994. He touched his first drum in University and was immediately transformed by the magic that lies inside. He left University, hitch hiked to the West Coast and studied drum making on Vancouver Island. “When I made my first drum,” he says, “there was no turning back. The drum became my healing journey. I played all day every day.”

Chris lives on Vancouver Island with his beautiful wife, Ahlye, and their 5 year old daughter and one on the way. Together they are enjoying life as a creative family.