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After much back and forth and reconsideration of our incredible FSC® C012337-certified, heirloom quality doll house, we have decided to CHANGE ITS NAME! That’s right: no longer is it stuck dragging a name that’ll never do justice to its true versatility. Here to fore it shall be dubbed……drum-roll please…….The Natural Pod! How perfect is that?

DIY recycled Pod furniture?

Thanks to Jenn Savedge: DIY Recycled Doll House Furniture!

We had started this conversation around changing the name at our Facebook page and suggestions from “Playhouse Unplugged” to “Human Habitat” began to roll in. It was clear that somehow this doll house that isn’t just a doll house, fire station, or rock collection museum (!) needed a descriptor more in line with its chameleon’s clothing (if you know what I mean). So, I thought and thought (and boy can I think!) and finally, the most simple, most obvious of all hit me. The Natural Pod. Same as the company, same as the store, same as the concept of “home”.

Which leads me, of course, to the “what home means” topic at hand from last week’s contest announcement. We’ve had some solid writers sending in their beautifully expressed commentary on their ideas of home. And for that we are so grateful! But, to be honest, not one person has nominated a potential recipient for our Natural Pod give-away. And that, folks, boggles the mind! Don’t any of us know a neighborhood organization that we feel would love The Pod, but not have funds for The Pod?? I’m scratching my head and wondering why…

Favorite snippets from Week 1:

we all idealise home, we all dream of the perfect home. be it a building, a hut, a cave, a castle, a field, a dream… we ultimately all find ourselves on this planet for a very short time where people lived and survived before us against incredible odds, and hopefully people will continue to live, to improve and to thrive, also against incredible odds. if anything the concept of home is one that needs to be cracked open in order to allow us all to take a moment and recognise that we all abide on this earth and no one person is more worthy of having a safe place to live than any other.


Our house becomes a home when: Something cooking on the stovetop and it wafts towards the front door. Toys and books are strewn about from a busy afternoon, hour, or let’s face it 5 minutes.. There’s music playing in the background and the kids are dancing across the floor or jumping on the couch. The house is still with darkness and the air ebbs and flows gently with the breath of sleeping children, and my light flickers slightly as I read a few chapters of my book in peace and quiet.

Thanks so much for your feedback! Keep sending in your thoughts and feelings on the idea of home…and remember there is a free Natural Pod up for “grabs”