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For a limited time, Natural Pod is offering our Wonder Play Lofts + Structures for $1,000 off. This is your unique opportunity to own one of the most magical pieces we make.

If you have ever thought you needed to create a place where children can express themselves freely, and where their imaginations could transform spaces into any environment they wish; whether a fort, a castle, an enchanted forest, or perhaps a magical cave, then this is that moment. This promotion will include our full range of lofts, the Wonder Trees, the Wonder Loft Tree House and our Wonder Pod House. Reach out to your Natural Pod Solutions Partner today for the full range we have on offer, email or call us at (877) 630-6763.

This rare offer will end March 31, 2024 and is only for our U.S. customers purchasing directly from Natural Pod.

Make this the year of magic. Contact us using the form below to explore this offer with our team.