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For those of you familiar with SXSW EDU (South by South West Education), you’ll know it’s a four-day conference that takes place in Austin, TX, each March, offering compelling sessions, in-depth workshops, engaging learning experiences, mentorship, film screenings, future-focused competitions, an expo, and networking opportunities, all focused around the transformation of education.

Ashanti Bryant, Director of Early Childhood Services at IFF, and Bridgitte Alomes, CEO + Founder of Natural Pod, are collaborating again – see their previous conversation on Natural Pod LIVE around ‘How high-quality childcare helps communities thrive’ – with the intention of speaking at  SXSW EDU 2023 and inspiring educators and communities to create A Sustainable Future Guided by Social Justice, but we need your vote to make it happen!

The SXSW EDU community comes together, as does the Natural Pod community, with the shared belief that education has the power to inspire, elevate, and change the future. The conference brings together the learner, the practitioner, the entrepreneur, and the visionary to share their groundbreaking stories, tackle complex issues, and build reimagined paths forward. It is this unfettered, inspired and passionate community that will collectively create a new tomorrow for learners everywhere and drive impact.

VOTE for the session: ‘A Sustainable Future Guided by Social Justice – in just a few easy steps – it will only take about 20 seconds of your time.

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Session outline:

Creating a culture of sustainability and social justice is essential to enhance the long-term holistic health of all who reside in our schools and communities. This commitment needs a deep focus on inclusion, by creating a courageous space to ask and answer the difficult questions and value diverse experiences and perspectives. Join us to explore the benefits and barriers to implementing a framework for this critical work at the intersection of leadership, environment and equity.

Takeaways will be:

  • Define the elements of a culture of sustainability and social justice
  • Align sustainability and inclusion policies and practices that drive student achievement
  • Create an action plan to implement this framework within your organization