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Woo hoo! We’re delighted that our Christine Play Loft is an Interior Design Best of Year Awards Finalist! It’s wonderful to be recognized for our sustainable play and learning furniture, and especially for our most unique and popular Play Loft, the Christine! Named in honor of the educator whose imagination inspired it and who collaborated with us to create it!

To find out if the Christine Play Loft wins in the education furniture category at this year’s Best of Year Awards Ceremony tune in to DesignTV®  on Wednesday, December 8 at 1pm ET. Winners of the other categories will also be announced during Design Week – December 6-10th – hosted by editor-in-chief Cindy Allen.

The Christine Play Loft is one of twelve Natural Pod™ Play Lofts, each beautiful, sustainable and extremely durable and available in a variety of different sizes and features. All were designed with the social and emotional needs of early learners in mind. The intention was to create spaces that were all children’s own, where their imaginations could transform their lofts into any environment they wished. 


Like all our Play Lofts, the Christine Play Loft provides endless invitations for open-ended play; where young learners can make their own decisions for how they would like to interact with their environment, experiencing no wrong way to play, and expressing themselves freely. This freedom allows young learners to be more creative and imaginative. Helping to foster their curiosity, explore new ideas and observe cause and effect, while expanding their problem-solving and social skills.


Ethically manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, our lofts and furniture is made with FSC® Chain of Custody Group certified materials. Our commitment to great design and investing in sustainable practices is fundamental to our support of children, community, and the planet. The exceptional strength and durability of the Christine and all Natural Pod™ Play Lofts comes from the layered wood construction with alternating grains, resulting in a product that is stronger than solid hardwood. This material construction is held together by a unique wood joinery system, to ensure multiple layers of performance for the long term. 


The flowing curves of the uprights on our lofts were designed to echo the lines found in nature, which along with using natural materials like high-quality wood, offers that additional connection to the outdoors and all the well-documented benefits nature provides. Our sustainable play lofts also support environmental education by engaging young learners in the story of where did the materials come from? Who made them? And what else they could be? This is a beautiful contribution to engaging young learners in conversations around sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

Remember to tune in to DesignTV® on Wednesday, December 8th at 1pm ET / 10am PT, to find out if the Christine Loft wins in the education furniture category at this year’s Best of Year Awards Ceremony.


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