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Entrepreneur Bridgitte Alomes says what the world really needs more of is creative thinkers, which is why her company is focusing on engaging children during their critical developmental years.

Called Natural Pod, the Vancouver Island company designs and builds furniture and toys that support creative and imaginative open-ended play.

Its preschool community tables, for example, are reinforced to become stages. Their benches replace traditional chairs, which can be shifted and turned into any structure children can imagine, from boats to railway tracks.

“We look at things to be open ended and have multiple possibilities,” explains Bridgitte, Natural Pod’s CEO. “When you think of a piece of furniture, the core thing we always ask ourselves is ‘what else can this be?’ ”

Natural Pod’s products aim to inspire natural play spaces through its products. They question what more children can do with their products, whether that be build with them, stand on them or attach things to them.

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