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The pandemic has hit many organizations and businesses hard, with women disproportionately feeling the negative impacts. Yet, many organizations with women at the helm are not only surviving – they’re thriving.

We’re honored that Natural Pod’s CEO and Co-founder, Bridgitte Alomes’ insights on this topic were included in a recent media story in BIV, Business Intelligence for British Columbia. The story highlights approaches from female leaders, offering strategies to leading a business during the pandemic and beyond. The six strategies are:

  • Investing in people
  • Work-life integration and self-care 
  • Transparency and clear communication 
  • Curiosity, creativity and collaboration 
  • Reflective practices 
  • Agility

These lessons can also be an inspiration to educators and education organization leaders who are contending with many of the same issues charting a course for their teams and students through this ongoing turbulent time.

In the story Bridgitte speaks about work-life integration and self-care:

Women in leadership have a higher tendency of avoiding burnout for themselves and their staff by embracing resiliency strategies, including taking time for self-care and focusing on wellness in team meetings. Bridgitte Alomes, CEO of Natural Pod, begins meetings asking staff for three things they accomplished last week. “It wasn’t always about work,” she explained. “It’s consistently showing care and compassion.” In my recent work, I’ve focused on helping leaders manage pandemic fatigue and burnout. Developing strategies to mitigate and recover from stress and build resiliency leads to lower quit rates and higher employee retention.

Read the full story on written by Julia Somody who is a registered psychologist and certified executive coach that specializes in helping leaders and organizations change and flourish.