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It’s been a year since our loft was installed. During that time it has been many things and taken us on many adventures… we have snuggled into a house and had sleep-overs, visited a hospital, nested in a birdhouse, decorated a castle, worked and shopped in a store, built forts with pillows, played peek-a-boo, learned how to climb both up and back down, how to be aware of and watch out for each other’s bodies and wait for a turn on the stairs. It has evolved and been transformed again and again.

Today the children decided to have a “playdate”. R. called to C., “Come on! You want to come for a playdate? Let’s go to my friend’s house!” Hand in hand they collected the materials that they needed, pillows, dolls, baskets, and dishes, and gathered together in the loft. E. and P. clambered up after them. “I want to come.” E. asked. “Ok, over here.” R. replied. I am noticing their emerging interest in friendship and playing cooperatively together and thinking about how I can further support the development of these ideas.

Each new child that comes to my centre views and interacts with the loft in new and innovative ways. It has at times been at the centre of our play and investigations. At other times the loft has stood empty as our interests have shifted elsewhere, and then, again and again the children have returned to it. Now, a year later, as we are settling back into our space after a temporary relocation due to a flood, the loft continues to play in integral part in our play and learning.

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