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And The Natural Pod winner is…………Louisa Gonser Community Library in Kutztown, Pennsylvania!


Our commentator Kathleen wrote “I’d love to give this dollhouse to our local library, The Louisa Gonser community library. They’ve welcomed children of all ages, socio-economic incomes and backgrounds, and it’s really the hub of the families in our community. When moms and dads are looking to connect with each other, we head to the library where we can flop into a cozy chair to read to our kids chat or watch the kids play with the educational toys. I support the library so much that I even painted murals in the kids area when I was pregnant 2 years ago. I’d love to see such a lovely dollhouse being played with in front of those walls.”

It sound like our Natural Pod, too, will feel right at home there. Just creating space for kids to be themselves, for people to congregate is the embodiment of nurturing, is what we all hope a home can be. Thank you so much Kathleen and your fellow voters for nominating Louisa Gonser Community Library!

Check back here for more more on how the Kutztown kids are enjoying their new addition!