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At Natural Pod, we believe that sustainability is more than just certifications and labels. It’s about continuously evaluating our choices to ensure they are the best for both people and the planet. With this ethos in mind, we are excited to share the remarkable story of the Environmental Nature Center Preschool (ENC) in Newport Beach, California, designed by LPA Design Studios. Recently, ENC achieved the prestigious Petal Certification by the Living Building Challenge

Creating a Nature-Oriented Space at ENC Nature Preschool

ENC Nature Preschool is more than just a building; it is a nurturing environment that instills in children a meaningful relationship with the natural world. The intentional design of the surrounding yard fosters appreciation and a deep connection with nature. Whether children are learning in the cistern, natural play area, or the park-like spaces, ENC Nature Preschool prioritizes creating a truly immersive and nature-oriented space.

Seamless Integration of Indoors and Outdoors

While ENC Nature Preschool’s interior learning space embraces warm wood textures and large glass walls that open into a school yard to seamlessly blend with the outdoor environment. Collaborative Reach Tables and Share Benches, designed with nature in mind, further enhance the immersive experience by keeping nature and human-connection at the center of the learning experience.

The Beauty of Nature-Inspired Design

The flowing curves and wood grain found in our Natural Pod products mirror the beauty of the natural world, creating a connection to nature. We are committed to providing non-toxic, renewable or recycled, ethically sourced and manufactured educational furnishings that create a healthy space that children and educators want to be in.

Prioritizing Healthy Learning Environments

At ENC Nature Preschool, superior indoor air quality is paramount. During the design and certification process, multiple indoor air quality tests confirm the healthy environment provided for the children. Natural Pod furniture plays a crucial role in maintaining this standard. Our furniture is free from harmful off-gassing, ensuring a safe and healthy space for young learners.

Award-winning design from LPA Design Studios

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to LPA Design Studios for both achieving Petal Certification and their unwavering commitment to bringing to life the vision that the educators at ENC Nature Preschool had for creating an immersive environmental learning experience. Their dedication aligns perfectly with our shared values of sustainability, nature-centered education, and the well-being of both children and educators.

Embracing Sustainable Learning Spaces

As you embark on designing your own learning space, no matter the size or scale, we invite you to explore how our furniture can positively impact the learning experience. At Natural Pod, we are eager to engage in a conversation with you, to provide insights and solutions that align with your goals. Together, let’s create inspiring and environmentally conscious learning environments that nurture the minds and hearts of our future generations.



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