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At a time of dynamic shifts in learning environments, tight timelines, and limited budgets, educators are facing the challenge of realizing their lofty goals for both education and sustainability. Often, expedience compromises excellence, leaving educators dissatisfied with the outcomes.

The best news is that you can create the space you’ve been dreaming of and you don’t have to do it alone. The Natural Pod team offers a consultative approach to help you bring your lofty goals to life. Speaking of lofts…

Our Wonder Play Lofts have been thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of early learners, providing endless opportunities for open-ended play, self-expression, and the transformation of space into a realm of imagination. Each Natural Pod Play Loft, named after inspiring educators who helped create them, embodies sustainability, beauty, and durability, ensuring years of engagement and growth opportunities.

We understand that different learning environments require diverse solutions. That’s why we offer over twelve variations of the Wonder Loft, designed to suit various space configurations and stages of child development. Whether in grade schools, early learning centers, kindergartens, preschools, daycares, or even at home, our lofts create an immersive learning experience.

Let’s shine a spotlight on two of our most popular lofts:

Christene Loft

The Christene Loft brings an added layer of magic to learning spaces of all sizes. The steps are able to be configured to fit the space, be it a school classroom or a common area. Its upper and lower levels provide ample room for children to create their reading nook or unleash their inner artist. See the Christene Loft in action at Suncrest Childcare Program or Society of Richmond’s Childcare Center.

Infant Loft

Designed to support the developmental needs of little ones who are still mastering the art of walking, the Infant Loft features a long shallow ramp on one side and two steps on the other. This loft is ideal for early childhood rooms, offering a safe and engaging space for play and the development of basic motor skills. See this loft in action at Sprout Early Education Center.

Why choose Natural Pod lofts?

  • Our lofts are high-quality, free-standing structures that are built to withstand years of play and learning.
  • The flowing curves and wood grain found in all of our Natural Pod products mirror the beauty of the natural world, creating a connection to nature indoors.
  • Designed by Allan Alomes, an architect turned product designer, our lofts are manufactured in the picturesque Cowichan Valley in British Columbia, using all-wood joinery and FSC certified materials.
  • When purchasing from a B Corp certified company like Natural Pod, you contribute to sustainable practices that prioritize transparency and support people and the planet throughout the entire supply chain.

Your lofty goals are within reach. Let our passionate team of education enthusiasts assist you in selecting the perfect loft that aligns with your space, budget, and vision. If a loft seems too lofty, we have a range of play pieces that promote imagination and functionality within smaller footprints and price points. Together, let’s create inspiring learning spaces that bring your educational goals to life.

Let’s learn more together about how our Natural Pod lofts can work for you and your space. Connect with our team using the form below for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation: