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To further support Natural Pod’s growth and impact in the world, we are delighted to welcome two new solutions team members: Tania Crosbie and Chris Jack. As education advocates, they will bring exceptional partnership to educators and planners who are working to create better learning environments that are beautiful, durable, and sustainable.

Natural Pod is committed to creating positive and lasting change within the education landscape. Central to the company’s growth are our collective values of putting people and the planet before profits: this ethos is at the core when expanding our team. When Bridgitte Alomes, CEO and Founder, was seeking to find the right people for these solution positions, she sought those who shared these same values. “We may sell learning furniture as a product,” Alomes says, “but we function as a change management organization in many ways.” Every educational partner we collaborate with understands the impact that intentional learning spaces can have. Natural Pod’s thoughtfully designed, sustainable learning environments support students’ connection to their own learning journey, setting them up for success. The furniture is a key component of those environments, putting both students and educators at the center of their experience, while also prioritizing their health and wellness.

Tania is an experienced solutions creator and team leader, who’s known for building strong, meaningful client relationships through collaboration to support their goals and objectives. Having graduated from McGill University with a B.Sc in Psychology she went on to work in management positions across Western Canada in the retail side of the cosmetic industry with companies such as Benefit (LVMH) and Lise Watier. When she became a mother to her now three year old daughter, her interest in education environments took hold.

“As a lover of aesthetics and all things beautiful and functional, in addition to being a new parent, the mission and values that drive Natural Pod are very meaningful to me.”  Tania shared. 

Although she grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Tania now lives in Port Moody, British Columbia, with her family: where her daughter goes to Kinder Kampus daycare, coincidentally a lovely client of ours. Tania was thrilled with this knowledge. “They have many Natural Pod pieces which completely elevate their play space and learning area; she absolutely thrives in her environment!” This experience is aiding Tania’s excitement to partner not only with Natural Pod but also with school leaders, educators, architects and designers to create learning environments that support optimal teaching and learning experiences. 

“Honestly, to play a part in extending that experience to as many learning environments as possible, worldwide, all while promoting a local, environmentally conscious business and our amazing female CEO, Bridgitte, feels like the perfect challenge and a dream all at once!” ~ Tania Crosbie

We can’t wait for Tania to connect with the Natural Pod community while leading and supporting the rest of the team in her role as Solutions Manager. Tania also speaks French and Chinese as well as English, and has even completed the Canadian Securities Certificate!

The other new member of the solutions team we’re excited to welcome is Chris Jack. Coming from a  background in architecture, visual design and furniture, Chris will be adding his extensive experience in these areas, as well as in sales and marketing management process to the passionate Natural Pod team as a Solutions Partner. His commitment to supporting clients create their vision and meet their objectives through authentic relationships shows in everything he does.

“There’s nothing more fulfilling than collaborating with customer-centric curious teams, discovering insightful positive relationships, and solving design challenges – while contributing to the overall success of a business. When you’re surrounded by great people, it makes your job easy and it inspires you to do your best.” ~ Chris Jack

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Chris has two children of his own, which contributes to his commitment to environmental stewardship and creating better learning environments. We especially loved his learner-focused comment when asked: what is it about human interaction that you enjoy so much? His answer: “You never know when someone will ‘wow’ you with their ideas – what is informative, ground-breaking, or profound. I believe that all interactions with one another can be meaningful – if we listen to learn.” 

We’re delighted Chris has joined the team as a Solutions Partner to support our growth and impact. In his words, “to help inspire developing minds discover their potential within thoughtfully designed learning environments.” 

Welcome Chris and Tania; both to Natural Pod, and this incredible community of educators and change-makers. Tania and Chris are eager to create better learning environments with you!

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Natural Pod creates beautiful, high-quality, environmentally responsible furniture for better learning environments all over the world, with an emphasis on functionality and sustainability. The furniture solutions offer flexible and unlimited options to create better learning environments for students of all ages. Find Natural Pod™ Founder/CEO Bridgitte Alomes on Natural Pod™ LIVE. Natural Pod™ is a privately owned and operated company based in British Columbia, Canada.

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