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Creating a space that brings storytelling, idea sharing and group collaboration together provides opportunities for rich social interactions. Sometimes opportunities present themselves by rethinking the configuration of the learning environment. With this in mind, we would like to introduce the Evergreen Shelving Collection arranged in circular, firepit-style seating.

Designed with both form and function in mind, the Evergreen Shelving Collection has been carefully crafted to inspire collaboration, round corners and create learning space synchronicity. The multipurpose shelving can be used for displaying learning materials and to create cozy firepit seating for storytelling. From our commitment to making products with sustainably harvested and managed forest materials, we believe that our furniture is a true reflection of the values and priorities of the communities we serve. 

Through our many partnerships with Indigenous learning communities over the years, we’ve learned about the importance of storytelling that serves to connect individuals and communities to their place and time as well as each other, and that oral traditions are, and have been an integral system of knowledge transfer since time immemorial. 

Cozy curved seating can be configured to suit your learning space, providing room delineation, as well as additional display and play spaces for your learners. Every piece complements other Natural Pod furniture elements, expanding their use and providing endless combinations of storage and seating, room division, cozy reading or collaborative spaces.

During a 2021 Natural Pod™ LIVE – Episode 04 – ‘Changing engagement for Indigenous learners’, an inspiring and eye-opening conversation between Denise Augustine, Director of Aboriginal Education and Learner Engagement at BC School District 79, Maureen Dockendorf, Early Care and Learning Strategic Consultant at the British Columbia Ministry of Education and our host Bridgitte Alomes, CEO and founder of Natural Pod, the following excerpt beautifully reinforces the design rationale behind our Firepit Seating Collection:

“When we shift from being the knower, to being the wonderer, it ensures the wellbeing of the child along their journey. That’s why it’s essential we also shift to wondering alongside the family and caregivers, as by doing so it ensures children have continuation of care from birth. This ‘slowing down’ in effect, gives space to ‘be’, which holds up the gifts children already have and to celebrate those. This giving space to ‘be’ is very much a First Nation Peoples principle, which isn’t just about creating greater engagement opportunities for indigenous learners – it’s more about changing the engagement for adults, to support engaging all students, not just Indigenous students. And by focusing on the stories that matter, we can show up with compassion for each other, and create space for healing for each other. This shows why investing in our educators is so important, as their well-being is at the core of their learners’ well-being.”

Explore creating your own storytelling nook with the  Evergreen Shelving Collection, download our Indigenous Learners Ideabook, and reach out to our solutions team with any questions. We value working collaboratively with communities in designing spaces that align with their budget, timelines and ‘big picture’ learner experiences. 

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