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As we reflect on the past year, Natural Pod is proud to be a part of the educational community’s continued dedication to creating healthy, beautiful, and inspiring learning environments where students thrive. None of this work would have been possible without the support and dedication of so many. Before I dive in and recount some of our most memorable achievements, I first want to extend humble gratitude to all of the educators and decision-makers who said yes to Natural Pod solutions this past year. Our aim is for every student to learn and play in healthy, beautiful, and inspiring learning environments. You all are directly driving this good work and we couldn’t be more proud to service you and those in your communities. We also wouldn’t be able to go about this good work without the support of our many industry friends, partners, and advocates. Thank you to so many for being a friend of Natural Pod and we look forward to having more transformational connections with you here in 2024!

Now we reflect back…. In 2023, our journey has been marked by collaboration, innovation, and a deep commitment to student-centered education. Join us as we celebrate the milestones and partnerships that have shaped our year and explore opportunities for you too to get involved in this meaningful journey.

Top Five Stories for Inspiration in 2024

As you prepare for the new year, here are five stories that others found valuable in their educational planning journey this year:

New Products Join the Wonder Family

Natural Pod’s Wonder family of products continues to inspire wonder in learning environments. In 2023, we welcomed three new additions:


  • Wonder: Tree: This 9-foot-tall masterpiece brings the outdoors in, offering built-in shelves and cubbies for reading or play areas.
  • Wonder: Tree House Loft: Ideal for large common spaces or libraries, this whimsical loft features a spiral staircase leading to an elliptical deck, providing endless opportunities for exploration and activities.
  • Wonder: Pod House: A mobile structure that transforms into a reading or study space, seasonal display, or a feature piece in common areas or libraries.

Community with Benefit Corporations (B Corps)

In 2023, Natural Pod deepened its commitment to being a B Corp, having gained certification in 2022. B Lab, the certifying body, is leading the charge in transforming the global economy for the benefit of people, communities, and the planet. Throughout the year, our team engaged with other passionate individuals at several events, including ‘Late Summer Partio for B Corps + B Corp Curious’ and ‘BLD Canada: We Are all Connected Part 2: Climate Justice & Reconciliation’ virtual event. These events celebrated the accomplishments, intentionality, and dedication of organizations working toward an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

How You Can Get Involved: Join us in supporting the B Corp community’s mission for a better world by purchasing from certified B Corps, or becoming one yourself!

Exploring Installations: ENC Preschool

In November, the A4LE Southern California Chapter hosted an event and tour of ENC Preschool in Newport Beach, California. ENC Nature Preschool is more than just a building; it fosters a meaningful connection between children and the natural world. The intentional design of the surrounding yard encourages appreciation for nature, creating an immersive, nature-oriented space.

In June 2023, ENC achieved the prestigious Petal Certification by the Living Building Challenge, a significant accomplishment for both ENC Preschool and LPA Design Studios, the designers behind this impactful space.

How You Can Get Involved: Explore nature-based designs like ENC Preschool to inspire your own educational spaces.


Community Connects at A4LE’s LearningSCAPES

In October, representatives from Fielding International, Cranston Public School District, and Natural Pod gathered in Chicago for A4LE’s LearningSCAPES 2024. This event allowed us to showcase how student voices informed the design of Garden City Elementary, in Cranston, Rhode Island, which opened its doors in the fall of 2023. 

Students and educators came together to explore problem-based learning, using their own school building as a multi-year learning opportunity. Our collaborative project where students co-author their learning environments, has been a source of immense pride for everyone involved.

A highlight of the event was Kevin Stoller, of Kay-Twelve, who served as the emcee and hosted the beloved Better Learning podcast. Our CEO and founder, Bridgitte Alomes, had an engaging conversation with Kevin in a special Better Learning Podcast LearningSCAPES episode.

How You Can Get Involved: Explore the A4LE community and discover how you can be a part of creating student-centered learning environments.

Continuing our collective impact in 2024

As we begin 2024, we want to emphasize that the journey toward creating positive, student-centered learning environments is ongoing and collective. While not always simple, we encourage you to stay inspired, take care of yourself, and reach out to those around you for support in the year ahead.

Remember, our commitment at Natural Pod is not only to provide innovative products and solutions to create better learning environments but to help bring your visions to life. Together, we can ensure that every learner has the opportunity to learn and play in healthy, beautiful, and inspiring learning environments. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey, and here’s to a bright and inspiring new year ahead.

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