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EDspaces is the conference advancing the conversation about the future of learning environments. It is where innovations are unveiled and collaborations form, bringing together education’s creative change agents who plan, design and manage innovative learning spaces. Leaders from school districts and colleges, architects, interior designers, distributors and exhibitors will engage and participate in the ongoing transformation of educational environments in Tampa, Florida, November 7-9, 2018.

Our team will be attending the conference again this year with our CEO, Bridgitte Alomes, who along with Jennifer Seydel from Green Schools National Network, will be conducting a session titled Executive Level Sustainability Leadership in K-12 Schools.

Creating a culture of sustainability can lead to an ethic of excellence that permeates all aspects of a school district. An organizational commitment can expand operational initiatives that save costs and reduce ecological impacts; support equity and student achievement; and enhance social, emotional and physical health of all who work, learn and play in our schools. GSNN has partnered with Leith Sharp, Director of the Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment to translate this program for Executive Leaders of K-12 Schools. This interactive session will provide an experience for participants to explore and play with the multiple ways that the Sustainability Leadership can advance innovation in your school or school district.

If you’re going to EDspaces, consider registering to attend their EDsession. See you there!