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Unbuilders + Heritage Lumber

The demolition industry generates millions of tonnes of waste annually in Canada, 37% of which is valuable lumber. Companies are throwing away usable, renewable resources and charging their customers to do so.

Unbuilders doesn’t demolish old buildings, they unbuild them. The industry shift to deconstruction has massively positive environmental and social impacts. Currently, 4 million tonnes of waste are diverted annually by unbuilding buildings.

Unbuilders and Natural Pod have designed one-of-a-kind furniture to give salvaged lumber a new life to support students in their learning experience and also provide an opportunity to learn of the rich history of where their table came from.

Our products carrying the Unbuilders name are manufactured by Heritage Lumber, a specialist in the supply, milling, and processing of reclaimed old growth lumber. Heritage Lumber completes the cycle of reclaiming lumber and giving it a second life as raw materials and finished product. Heritage Lumber is based in British Columbia and serves North America. Contact us using the form below to learn more.

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