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Our modular, flexible and multipurpose designs promote progressive teaching in the learning space and encourage educators to try new things. There are various functions and countless arrangements possible when using the same pieces of furniture. Everything can be quickly reconfigured, making for smooth transitions in the learning space that evolve with the unit of study, shift by class period, accommodate individual students’ needs, or aid those spontaneous teachable moments.

These products were designed with the students in mind and selected based on the needs of middle and secondary schools. Their flexibility and function create a canvas for countless activities across content areas. Whether students are giving a presentation, engaging in small reading groups, using technology to research a unit of study, taking part in a lab, collaborating on a project, partnering in a writer’s workshop, working independently, or observing a Socratic Seminar, you will find there is a place for everyone.

Project Profile: Oak Park Medea Creek Middle SchoolLearn how this school’s educators and students were instrumental in helping develop the CreateSpace Collection, resulting in the furniture not only supporting their student-led teaching and learning objectives, but also their progressive environmental and sustainability goals.

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