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On the 11th of November, 2017, 500 children from cities all around the world, worked in parallel to design and develop solutions and innovative concepts around water issues. They worked together to build prototypes and present them to each other via a live connection, and at the end of the day to the live audience, their parents and a panel of experts.

As Natural Pod’s Director of Marketing, I love attending events like this to learn more about new approaches to design learning and this was especially rewarding because both my children, whom are 7 and 9, were inside the 7 -12 year old focus age range for the design day.

The event in Vancouver was hosted by the wonderful trio of Jessica, Shayna and Zita along with numerous volunteers and sponsors. Along with our Vancouver team, there were children who gathered in Tel Aviv, Phillipsburg, Montreal, Clearwater, Singapore, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Chennai, Milan, Tunis, Nairobi, Zagreb, Panjim, Dublin, London and Dubai to work on ideas for water protection and restoration.

This global gathering was a great model for sharing collaborative design across cultures especially for younger children.

Thank you to the organizers, all the volunteers and sponsors.

And speaking of amazing design and project based learning for younger people, we’re really proud to be sponsors of the upcoming Rethink Thinking Summit being held right in our backyard here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This coming April 2018, 500 powerful young minds will gather for two jam-packed days of future-proofing sessions in Victoria at the Rethink Thinking Summit. There will be world-class speakers, inspirational entertainment and the most interesting conversations and ideas you could dream up, guided by 50 mentors and facilitators who have mad skills in this kind of thing. Our team at Natural Pod are proud sponsors and encourage you to attend!