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With many resources available offering recommendations and options for a safe return to school and how to implement physical distancing, it seems a great time to have a conversation about what ‘A Return To Learning’ could look like. One with a greater focus on the whole child, the task and benefits of staying creative, and how the environment can support educators and students.

Bridgitte Alomes, founder and CEO of Natural Pod, and Dr. Robert Dillon, consultant, author, and Director of Innovative Learning at the School District of University City, Missouri – came together to discuss how learning could look in this new era of education.

Discussing a return to learning resulted in a big conversation so we’ve broken the video into three sections. This week, part one looks at possibility: how online learning has looked during covid, how it could look going forward, and the longer-term outcomes this new era of virtual and physically distanced learning could have.  


Resources mentioned:

Shaw Contract – The Return To Schoolbook – a guide to help ease the transition back to school. Their innovative approach has been to create functional flooring as a solution to physical distancing, where flooring becomes an active participant in learning spaces.

Green Schools National Network – Green Schools National Network works with educators, government and non-governmental organizations and agencies, and private partners to create broad-based initiatives and successful strategies aimed at fostering healthy, sustainable K-12 schools across the United States.