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I took a day out of my busy schedule (everyone has a busy schedule!) to visit two of our customers in North and West Vancouver. Bringing nature into the learning environment, encouraging collaboration and making a focus to clear away the clutter is evident the moment you step into PrincipalKelly La Roue’s arena. The children, teachers and parents are experiencing something special at Lynmour Elementary.

After years of persistence, focus and thinking around the curves, Craig Cantlie at Caulfeild Elementary in West Vancouver now has every child sitting or standing at a Natural Pod table and in a natural environment.

Common between both schools is the calmness of the children and the curiosity in their faces created through the ease of the environment. Lamps and natural lighting provide a beautiful alternative to the stark fluorescent beams of yesteryear. The natural beauty of wood is engaging and begs to be touched. Plants and elements of nature are an invitation to engage in a multitude of ways. Kudos to the Principals who have been bold in their decisions to create change.

Shannon Kirkwood
Director of Operations, Natural Pod


Photo: From left to right; Educator,Tessa Harrington, Natural Pod CEO, Bridgitte Alomes, Natural Pod Director of Operations, Shannon Kirkwood and Lynmour Elementary School Principal, Kelly La Roue

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