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Looking to bring some warmth, light, and cheer to your classroom during the long winter months? Read on to learn ways to help you and your students beat the winter blues!

Bring on the light:

Light tables can brighten up any area in your room with their subtle luminescence. Their light offers an endless array of invitations for learning. Use for science, art, exploration, and play, and you will see your students’ faces light up under their glow.

Task lighting, in the form of desk or floor lamps, will add much needed light, as well as warmth, to your classroom.

Open the blinds and uncover your windows to let natural daylight shine in. During these shorter days, it is even more vital to let light from the outside stream in. It will lift spirits, as well as help increase focus and attention.

Bring nature indoors:

Wood manipulatives and furnishings will naturally brighten your space and make it feel more open and light.

Adding houseplants to your classroom decor will, not only brighten the room and give it a cozy, natural feel, they will also help clear the air. They can provide a much needed dose of nature during a season in which students might not get enough time outdoors.

Plant seedlings to get ready for spring plantings. Students will get excited for the arrival of Spring and learn about plant life cycles at the same time.

Get creative:

Create brightly colored art projects to display in the classroom.

Make suncatchers using contact paper and brightly colored paper to hang in classroom windows.

Create mobiles using objects found in nature to hang in the room. Having access to natural objects will help lift spirits and warm up the classroom.

Whenever possible, bundle up and get your students outside! The fresh air and exercise is sure to wake them up, motivate them to learn, and will help shake those winter blues.