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Earth Day is a date in time where we are called to meaningfully reflect and think about ways we can all lead more sustainable lives, to do our utmost to protect this incredible planet and the life it sustains. Although ‘Earth Day’ is a highlighted opportunity to take the time to look at the changes we can implement, both big and small – the truth is, every day needs to be Earth Day if we really are going to preserve our planet. We all need to look at our part in protecting our earth: as individuals, within communities and certainly within the business world.

If you do one thing to acknowledge our planet on Earth Day – spend 2 mins watching this incredible video – Courtesy of Dimitar Karanikolov

“How can we not protect this?”  Bridgitte Alomes. Natural Pod CEO

At Natural Pod, the health of students, educators and the health of our planet are at the forefront of the work we do every single day. The company was born from the idea that all children should have access to healthy and natural learning environments. So from the very beginning we have had a deep commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. As a team we constantly ask and address the following questions and use them as our guide to creating more sustainable spaces in which children can learn, grow, and thrive.

Where did it come from?

FSC® C012337-certified woods sourced in North America
Plant dyes, beeswax finish
Ethically manufactured on Vancouver Island, B.C.

How was it made and who made it?

Heirloom quality design for longevity
Solid woods and no plastics
Soy-based glues and no added urea-formaldehyde
Supporting local labour and communities
Flat pack for ease of transport, minimal packaging
Operations reduces their carbon footprint wherever possible by employing practices such as using recycled paper and energy efficient

What else can it be?

Less is more-all natural Pod products serve more than one purpose
Can be sanded and refinished to increase life span
100% recyclable and compostable

As a result, Natural Pod products:

Do not have toxic off-gassing
Are naturally antibacterial
Teach children environmental responsibility from a young age
Have a minimal carbon footprint
Enhance LEED building credits
Are CARB exempt

Not only does Natural Pod furniture provide a healthier space in which students can learn and play, it also becomes a teaching tool telling a story as it answers the questions, “Where does it come from? Who made it? What else can it be?” We are fortunate to be able to share this story with school communities around the world, not just on Earth Day but every day.

Feature Photo courtesy of: Celebrating the roots of BC National Forest Week