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Our partners at MUSE, who are building a network of schools that equip young people with the tools needed for a lifetime of curiosity, understand the importance of parents as partners in creating great learning outcomes. The MUSE Global team previously looked at what it means to be adaptable in the wake of COVID-19. Here they look at the importance of gratitude.

Gratitude in the wake of COVID-19

Last week, our president Rebecca Amis spoke at an online webcast, where she emphasized the importance of bringing it back to basics during the time of COVID-19.

‘Just keep it simple,’ she shared with the audience.

We think this mantra applies to all areas of life. And, as so many of us take a step back and think about what’s next, we’re also taking this time to experience gratitude for the simple things. For our health, our families, and the planet we live on.

When looking at the MUSE Global model, this concept of gratitude – and appreciating the simple things – is in our ethos. And it is our hope that as more MUSE Global schools open around the world, that this sense of gratitude can help to shift perspectives on how to navigate life in a more intentional way.

With our foundation rooted in Sustainability, children are taught to respect the environment, and be grateful for all it does for us in providing food and shelter. Living in harmony with, and protecting the planet – is implicit in a MUSE education.

And with our focus on Passion-based Learning, children are able to identify their unique interests, and as a result they cultivate deeper understanding, and gratitude for, the topics they learn about. This, in turn, cultivates a greater sense of gratitude towards their Academic experience, when children know they are empowered to learn through the lens of their own passions.

Additionally, through the Process Communication Model, students learn to develop thoughtful, productive Communication skills, which helps them to better navigate their interactions with others, understand differences, and be able to appreciate and respect the people in their lives.

Through the pillar of Self-efficacy, children learn from a young age that by being open, resourceful, and persistent, they are empowered to take charge of their lives, and their dreams. Building this self-assuredness in students is key to building a strong inner sense of self – and this heightened sense of awareness is what allows people to experience gratitude – toward everything and everyone.

By starting a MUSE Global School, franchisees are helping to spread gratitude around the globe. The ability to experience gratitude is really a skill, and helping children to build this skill is an incredibly impactful gift to society, and to the planet.

MUSE Global’s mission of inspiring and preparing people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet is so in alignment with this theme of gratitude, as well. It requires a higher level of consciousness to be actively grateful, and it is our hope to be able to foster this quality in children everywhere.

About MUSE

As we continue on through these uncertain times, many of us are faced with the question – what can we do now to ensure a better world for our children and future generations? MUSE equips young people with the tools needed for a lifetime of curiosity. With innovative academics, passion-based learning, and an emphasis on sustainability – students learn to live consciously with themselves, one another and the planet. Learn more about MUSE Global and their school franchise opportunities.