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As schools are planning their reopening and educators, families and students are figuring out how teaching and learning will look going forward, we recognize the experience will be different for everyone. How we can help is to offer solutions from a place of creativity and innovation. Our intention has always been to create sustainable, flexible learning environments that set the stage for student led learning, and so now more than ever we want to encourage the education community to think about creating adaptable learning environments. Spaces that are flexible that can meet physical distancing needs while also meeting the needs of students and educators. By doing so we can keep transforming education and moving forward.

As a local small business we are thankful that we can continue creating better learning environments, and that’s possible because we design, source and make our products here in BC. Natural Pod intentionally maintains a local supply chain to help to support our local economy and its workforce, while being sustainable and slowing down negative environmental impacts.

(In the photo above, Shannon, the head of Natural Pod operations and an Educator plan a learning space in Lord Nelson School, Vancouver, BC )

The organization BC Buy Local explains the importance of supporting local companies really well, and offers great in-depth research:

‘Local businesses enhance our community, connect and support us socially, and enhance wealth and employment by circulating dollars many times between businesses.’

Research shows that BC local businesses create more than double the economic impact of their chain competitors. For every $100 spent with a BC local business, $63 is re-circulated back into our BC economy (vs $14 for multinational corporations). They re-circulate 4.6 times more revenue in the local economy:

  • Local retailers re-circulate 63% compared to 14% for chains
  • Local restaurants re-circulate 68% compared to 30% for chains
  • Local suppliers (e.g. office supplies) re-circulate 33% compared to 19% for chains

This is because locally owned businesses circulate more dollars in the community compared to multinational organizations. How? Local businesses:

  • Have owners who live and provide jobs in our community
  • Provide more support for local events, sports teams and charities
  • Are more likely to buy local services and stock local products

Spending with a local business has ripple effects that contribute to the growth and health of the communities in our province. Find all this research on LOCO BC’s resources page.


Natural Pod is a local British Columbian business. And I’m proud of that. We’ve always considered people, community and the environment before profits. These values have allowed me and my team to pivot during this time and to continue contributing innovative solutions to the challenges we’re collectivity facing while keeping focused on serving the needs of our young learners.

Let’s support each other and continue to make intentional, conscious choices together.

Bridgitte Alomes, CEO and Founder of Natural Pod