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Have you ever sat down on a piece of furniture and pondered its origins or the stories it might tell? Bridgitte Alomes, the Founder of Natural Pod, encourages us to look at our surroundings with a fresh perspective, turning often-overlooked objects into learning adventures.

Where did this come from?

Picture this: the serene landscapes of Vancouver Island, British Columbia – the heart of Natural Pod. It’s not just where the magic begins, but also where the founders’ stories intertwine, raising families and nurturing a community of local craftsmen. And as each furniture piece embarks on its journey, it carries with it the ethos of sustainability. Every flat-packed delivery is a testament to thoughtful shipping, minimizing our carbon footprint.

Learning opportunity: What’s the journey of the bench you’re sitting on? Dive into the supply chain with your students. Discuss the cultural influences on design, the artisans behind the scenes, and the impact of our choices on the environment.

What is it made from?

Each groove, each grain speaks volumes. Beyond its function, Natural Pod furniture offers a peek into nature’s chronicles. The exposed joinery not only symbolizes craftsmanship but also becomes a talking point on structural integrity and design aesthetics.

Learning opportunity: Engage your students in a hands-on learning session. Estimate a tree’s age through its rings, delve into the importance of sustainable certifications like FSC, or debate the significance of corporate transparency through B Corp certifications.

What else can it be?

Just as we grow and evolve, our surroundings should too. Envision a classroom that adapts, with furniture tailored to a learner’s need. Our Reach height-adjustable tables, for instance, eliminate the need for every table to be uniform in height, recognizing that learners vary in size. This adaptability allows for tables to be adjusted to suit different learning spaces, evolving with changing student needs. Just as you are designed to change and grow, so should your furniture.

Learning opportunity: Challenge your students with a design thinking activity. How would they repurpose a table? How can furniture designs accommodate diverse needs and ensure every learner feels comfortable and included?

In essence, Natural Pod isn’t just about furniture; it’s a journey, a story, a lesson waiting to be discovered. As educators, we’re equipped with tools that inspire, challenge, and nurture curiosity – sometimes all we need is a fresh perspective.

Next time you enter a room, take a moment to ponder – what can the objects around you teach? Let’s continue to turn everyday moments into learning opportunities.