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Natural Pod’s CEO and founder, Bridgitte Alomes, is delighted to be a speaker at this years Green Schools Conference & Expo. This is the only national event to bring together all the players involved in making green schools a reality: people who lead, operate, build and teach in U.S. schools.

Bridgitte is speaking alongside Ryan McKenzie, the Principal of Explorer Academy in West Virginia, the first and only full-implementation model EL Education school in the state. And Tarabeth Heineman, the Program Development Officer for Marshall University’s June Harless Center for Rural Educational Research and Development and Director of the Marshall University Early Education STEAM Center, also in West Virginia.

Together they will be exploring the topic of ‘Inspiring Culture Shift Through a Multifaceted Approach’

‘The panel will share how shifting to Expeditionary Learning with an emphasis on Reggio Emilia principles and intentional learning environment design, resulted in an increased sense of self for the students in this unique West Virginia elementary school. Pedagogy and learning environment design have combined to shift the school culture. By equalizing the social-economic disparity that many children face, a culture that fosters a strong sense of diversity, inclusion, and compassion now permeates the school. In effect, the students have a strong sense of belonging, have greater trust in their own ideas, and have taken ownership and responsibility for their own learning, including a healthy understanding of their responsibility to sustainability and their impact in the world. Participants will leave the session both inspired and more knowledgeable about how to create intentional learning environments that align with the instructional model and aid students in being more engaged in their learning. The panel will also share how to create a positive culture within your own school and what is possible when students feel a strong sense of self, identify as global citizens and care about their impact on others and the world they live in.’

Please join us for our session ‘Inspiring Culture Shift Through a Multifaceted Approach’ on Tuesday March 3rd | 3 – 4pm at The Green Schools Conference & Expo, in Portland, Oregon