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Despite the challenges posed by having to adjust in-person learning for physical distancing, it has been uplifting to experience the creativity of so many educators seeking to create the best, safest solution possible for students and teachers. For a while there it felt that educational institutions needed to find temporary solutions, but with the recent return to learning there seems to be a united acceptance that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and so meaningful conversations are being had and creative solutions are being offered.

Our intention is to support educational organizations with creative learning furniture solutions that are flexible and cost effective, so they can meet the present physical distancing requirements, while also ensuring furniture investments made now are adaptable to a more collaborative style of learning for the future. As an education furniture company dedicated to creating better, healthier learning environments that support 21st century learning outcomes, we have been asking educators and school districts what is needed to meet the present challenges, while also analyzing what will still nurture students’ experience of learning once the pandemic is over. 

Through these conversations and research what’s becoming clear is, even without COVID-19, educators are seeing that they need a more hybrid learning environment to meet the very differing needs of their students. It’s well documented that many students thrive in a dynamic, interactive collaborative setting, but at times they also need quiet individual areas to concentrate, whether on their own or in a much smaller group. To support these evolving needs, we are creating additional flexible learning furniture to comply with present physical distancing requirements while complimenting our existing ranges. These pieces are designed to then adapt, once physical distancing requirements are less restrictive, to create the hybrid learning environment model we are seeing emerge for best in class learning spaces. 

Our team are experts at helping educators plan learning furniture changes. Below the following images you’ll find a form to contact us to explore how these new concepts can help you adapt now, while also making smart investments for the future.

Flexible Learning Space Configurations for 12 Students:

Flexible Learning Space Configurations for 24 Students:

Contact us using this form to explore how these new concepts can help you adapt now, while also making smart investments for the future.

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