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Every step forward in recognizing the power of good between and for people and the planet, is a step towards a kinder and more equitable world. We are delighted that Natural Pod has been recognized as a runner-up in finals for the BCBusiness 2021 Business of Good Awards. Congratulations to sustainable florist Bloomiér for winning this year’s award and to our other co-runner up Tru Earth, who are working to sustainably transform the laundry soap industry. We’re honored to be among top British Columbia based businesses that are actively working as a force of good.

To hear Christopher Roy tell it, environmental responsibility and stewardship have been baked into Natural Pod’s DNA from the outset. The company was founded in 2006 with the goal of making high-quality, environmentally sound toys. Although the product has since changed–it now produces sustainable classroom furniture–the main objective hasn’t. Roy, a partner as well as Director of Marketing, is one of 15 employees at Natural Pod. While most staff work from home, the company’s facility is based on Vancouver Island. “We try to make a product that looks simple and elegant, is made in Canada, but benefits the natural environment because of the way the material is sourced and, while being more durable, really ensures better air quality,” he says. (Unlike typical furniture, Natural Pod pieces don’t contain harmful chemicals that get released into the air.) The business has created some 15,000 learning spaces impacting nearly a million students across the globe, Roy adds.

This is the second year of these Awards, and not surprisingly this year has looked rather different due to the pandemic, but this calls into focus how local B.C. companies have risen to the additional challenges of social and environmental responsibility during this time and how they’ve supported their staff, customers and communities. Consider supporting local media and subscribe to BCBusiness. They do a great job of highlighting meaningful business stories here in British Columbia, Canada.

At every level of Natural Pod, there has always been a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, stewardship and respect for the historical and cultural connection between people and place, particularly here in BC. And so from the beginning of the pandemic our team was determined to continue to serve and support our community by offering them guidance and resources however we could. We’re honored for Natural Pod to be recognized as a purpose driven organization that supports community, and is in the business of doing good!

The energy around nominations and winning of awards is always nice, but when looking at the bigger picture, an award is about creating deeper awareness. It can stand as a catalyst to further increase the good work that companies, or individuals, are doing in the world. And that positively impacts everyone.

Thank you to all of our customers, staff and the community of supporters who have helped Natural Pod grow into the organization it has.