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Founded in 1975, Children’s All Day School & Pre-Nursery occupies an historic four-story building on 60th Street and Lexington Ave in New York, NY. Their dedicated staff has built a state of the art school serving boys and girls, ages six months to five years, and their parents for ten hours a day, twelve months a year. They introduce each child to a social community within an appealing, structured setting, where each infant, toddler or preschooler can grow and learn.

The organization recently updated all their learning environment furniture using our sustainably made Natural Pod furniture. Our professional team calmly led the install of the project amidst the busy energy of Manhattan. We’re delighted to be a new part of this amazing organization working to transform learning.

“The brilliant energy and creativity of the teachers and students at the Children’s All Day School make C.A.D.S. a truly unique and very special place for young families. The historic four-story building on 60th in which our dedicated staff has built a state of the art school. Our time-honored philosophy embraces play and underlines the fact that children learn best in an environment where they feel comfortable, safe and supported. Hence our motto: “Children’s All Day School! Where school feels like home.” Director, Susan Birnbaum




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