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The Natural Pod play stand with arches have been the perfect compliment to my Grade 1 classroom. Over the past few years I have been changing my classroom to reflect a more natural, calming environment. I replaced all existing plastics with wood, wicker baskets, and incorporated more loose parts and objects found outside into play centres.

The Natural Pod play stand with arches became the focal point of one of our play areas, as they are beautifully constructed and inviting for the children with the many possibilities they provide. When covered with fabric, and adorned with white lights, the arches became a quiet area for several children to curl up and share a book.

When separated, the children imagined them to be lemonade stands and various storefronts for their handmade items.

With time, the children’s interaction with the arches also evolved. They would move them together or pull them apart to create whole cities with blocks and other loose parts. In the fall, the children’s fascination with bats inspired them to create a bat cave by pushing the arches together and draping cloth over the top.

The Natural Pod arches invited the children daily to use their imaginations, to create, and to work collaboratively in small groups. The play arches have greatly enhanced the children’s play and learning spaces.

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Laura Kristensen
Brooksbank Elementary School
North Vancouver

This is part one of our three part series hearing from educators at Brooksbank Elementary School, North Vancouver, Canada on how they are using our Natural Pod Play Stands with Arch in their learning space. Read part two here.