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Our very own CEO, Bridgitte Alomes, had the pleasure of being invited on Dr. Robert Dillon’s podcast, ‘Help Me Understand’, where he ‘interviews a range of fans, learners, and experts surrounding their passions – inviting a discussion about ideas and concepts that you may have never considered before.’ As Bridgitte and Robert hold similar values and a deep commitment to creating better learning outcomes, this conversation between two passionate individuals makes for great listening.

You may have heard of Dr. Robert Dillon. He is an educator, speaker, and author of five books; we recently reviewed his latest book ‘Redesigning Learning Spaces’. Robert Dillon has worn multiple hats for over twenty years as a teacher, principal, technology director, and innovation leader. Presently his focus is working to bring synergy to instructional design, technology infusion, and learning space design. He believes that “in this synergy is the educational gold that students need to be successful citizens in a modern world.” For this work, he has been honored by Common Sense Media, The Center for Green Schools, the dSchool at Stanford University, the Buck Institute for Education, and Future Ready Schools. Robert has had the opportunity to work with teachers and leaders throughout the country, and he continues to speak at local, regional, and national conferences. Robert is the co-founder of ConnectED Learning, a Saint Louis non-profit dedicated to affordable, quality professional learning for teachers.