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Did you take part in one of the climate strikes during the 20-27th September? Many of the Natural Pod team did, joining their children and marching alongside them this past Friday.  It was quite an incredible day, with the impact of that action still be realized.  According to the environmentalist group, there were an estimated 7.6 million protestors participating in strikes worldwide throughout the week, with Friday being the largest of them. This is by far the largest demonstration of people calling for action towards trying to solve the climate crisis ever.

In addition to the incredible amount of young people taking part, one of the very noticeable aspects was the peacefulness of the marches and upbeat atmosphere. Considering how many were affected in various ways, including police, those using transport, and people just going about their day; the calm, peaceful nature of the climate strikes is a great testament to all who were involved.

Successfully demonstrating a loud call for action from governments and organizations to instigate change is a great first step towards trying to solve the climate crisis. But nothing has changed yet, and it’s too soon to see if the climate strikes will have any meaningful effect on global leaders and policies. Therefore we all need to keep demonstrating through our own, our school’s and our communities’ actions that we are fighting for the future health of our planet, our children and all the generations to come.

Below are some great photos of the climate strikes in Natural Pod’s home cities, Victoria and Vancouver, Canada. Pictured in some are our CEO Bridgitte Alomes, other team members, and their children.

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