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Part Three of this Three Part Series:  This is the last section of sharing our manifesto with you, and diving deeper into how it guides our company vision and purpose, and how that can positively impact your work and your students.

Manifesto: a public declaration of policy and aims (man·i·fes·to)

Manifesto Part Three – Why Purposeful Business Is Better For Everyone

In the previous two parts of this manifesto series, we looked at how the impact of good design and creating student-centered classroom environments is so important to support educators and students in their learning needs and goals so they can succeed and thrive. This week we are sharing how we operate as a purpose-driven company, why that matters to us, and why it should matter to you as well.

As you can see from this part of our manifesto, our relationship to people and the planet is extremely important to us. From the very beginning, Natural Pod has had sustainability and environmental responsibly at its core. Of course, that means creating a product that doesn’t use more resources than can be replenished, but it also means operating in a sustainable and ethical way with people: the suppliers, manufacturers, and communities we partner with.

The company was started just over 10 years ago by two founders and now has around 20 people working together with a united vision and a common goal. Natural Pod employees all have a strong commitment to creating better learning environments and environmental responsibility. This common aim creates a workplace of ease, respect, and purpose, where we care deeply about what we do and the clients we work with.

We spend a lot of time and care with our clients. We meet educators where they’re at, listen to what’s important to them and find out how we can support them in creating inspiring, healthy, natural, beautiful play and learning spaces for themselves and their students. This is why we don’t just sell individual pieces of furniture without taking the time to ask the holistic questions: where are you now? where would you like to get to? So we can better support you every step of the way in helping make your vision a reality.

Our sustainable products also tell a story and are a wonderful introduction to environmental education. In the classroom, educators and children can learn where the products come from, what they are made of, and how the choices they make can impact their learning environment and the natural world.

We really do place people and the environment above profit. Our deep commitment to both creating better educational environments and our responsibility to sustainability shows in our work and attracts other people who also care about these things. When we work together, we all create something greater than the end product. This is how positive change takes place. Together we can educate about, and encourage conscious consumption. Together we can create better learning environments while being environmentally responsible. This is what it means to be a purposeful business.

For anyone who is a decision maker in creating educational environments – we hope you seriously consider the impact of your purchasing choices on students, educators, the well-being of anyone involved in the process of creating learning furniture and the effect on our planet.

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