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Natural Pod was born from the idea that all children should have access to natural, healthy and sustainable learning environments. We are committed to helping create spaces where educators and students feel welcomed, inspired and ultimately valued.

This commitment led our team to explore how Natural Pod could have a greater impact within education to create environments where educators and students can thrive, while also honouring our deep commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Through this process the ‘Pacific Series Shelving’ was born. It’s designed for learning environments of every age group, allowing space to be defined and redefined as needed and offering students choice, movement and flexibility to discover how they learn best.

“We’ve changed the way kids think but we haven’t changed the rooms that they’re thinking in. I think the environment is a huge factor in terms of how kids’ learning is shaped.” – Craig Cantlie, Principal at Caulfeild Elementary School

The series is ideal for any display purposes, library shelving or book storage within learning environments or common spaces. Each unit perfectly compliments other Natural Pod furniture pieces, expanding their use and providing endless combinations of storage and seating, room division, intimate reading areas or collaborative spaces.

This series comprises of two shelving designs, one straight and one curved. Either unit can be used alone but ideally are used in groups to create multiple configurations of space use and delineation. The flowing curves are a continuous feature of many Natural Pod designs as they are reflective of nature itself and thus visually beautiful. Both shelving designs are double sided with a translucent centre piece allowing light to come through and be dispersed creating a wonderful glow. This aspect was very important to the designers as they didn’t want the units to overpower your space visually.

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