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The wooden arches in my classroom have made an amazing difference to the layout of the room. As an open area teacher, it can be very hard to find quiet spots for my students to sit and read, reflect, or share toys. It is a small space with sharp angles that can make furniture arrangement difficult. The arch is small enough to fit nicely into the area without reducing the overall room size too much. I found that by attaching silky material to over the arches, it can create a cozy environment. The lighting becomes muted, and with the addition of cushions, the space becomes comfortable and inviting. Students take turns to use the area, and all become calm when they walk into the space. I will often find students curled up sharing a book or reading on their own. The material can be pulled back in order to use the arch as a display or play area. The natural wood is attractive to look at and it adds a sense of grounding to the room.

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Cynthia Batista
Brooksbank Elementary School
North Vancouver

This is part three of our three part series hearing from educators at Brooksbank Elementary School, North Vancouver, Canada on how they are using our Natural Pod Play Stands with Arch in their learning space. Read the first story here and the 2nd story here.